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YiNeng Precision Mould (ShenZhen) CO.,Ltd
¡ôYiNeng Precision Mould(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd was established in July 1999.Located in Shenzhen.It's a comprehensive enterprise which specilized in PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD MAKING and PLASTIC MOLDED PARTS production services.¡ôOur mould and moulded parts have a wide range industry.including automotive , home appliance , telecom , household appliance , medical devices , toy etc.Our mould mainly includes: PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD , DOUBLE INJECTION MOULD , RAPID prototype , OVER MOULD , TWO SHOT MOLD , DIECASTING mould and blow mold as well as BMC mold, MUD mold of DME standard and quick change system mold of HASCO standard. ¡ôWe are the most Quality-Price balanced mould m.. ....MORE>>


¡ôYiNeng own a group of developers who has advanced idea mould,We can according to customer product characteristics, and customer mould standard ,develop for you belong to your professional mould. ¡ôCase analysis:total 32 products,using a set of moldbase,divide 16 sets of submodules, this mould according to the customer standard to make the mould four cavity, many sets exchange mould system with each other. .. ....MORE>>

¡ôIn recent years the plastic mould industry high-speed development in Shenzhen , Have a number of excellent mould enterprises,develop into has oneself characteristic mold design and manufacture of specialization enterprises.However,follow plastic component widely are used in each industry, many enterprise has been unable to meet the needs of each customer, In view of the present situation, We take charge in the project to use the one-to-one management pattern, redefines ¡°the manufacturing factory¡± meaning. Have established: ¡°in view of the customer product industry requirement, the choice optimization's design and the manufacturing to satisfy each customer ¡± the company growth policy. ....MORE>>
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