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Gas assisted technology

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In recent years,Gas assisted technology applied already in many plastic injection product production.Such as TV or stereo housing, Automotive plastic product,furniture,kitchenware and daily necessities,all kinds of plastic box and toy and so on. Compare with ordinary injection molding, It has many incomparable advantages which not only can reduce the manufacturing cost of plastic products, but also can improve their some characters.
When workpieces are able to achieve same applying request.Gas assisted technique may be saved plastic resin greatly. saving rate is as high as 50%. On one hand, plastic resin consumption decreased will reduce the molding cycle and time of all aspects. On the other hand, plastic part shrinkage has been greatly improved when we introduce high pressure gas through product. Therefore, injection molding hold pressure time and pressure can be greatly reduced. Gas-assisted injection molding reduces the working pressure of the injection system and the clamping system of injection machine.Accordingly reduce the energy consuming in production.and improve the using life of injection machine and mold. at the same time,It's to reduce of mold under pressure. also can choose a cheaper material for mould manufacture.
It's a hollow structure for gas assisted technology of product.which will not reduce the mechanical properties of product, on the contrary it will be improved, the stability of the workpiece size is also of great benefit.converselyit will be improved,It's also great benefit for the stability of the part size.
Gas-assisted injection molding process is more complex than common injection molding,prodcut and mould are all to apply computer aided simulation analysis.then it's very simple for requirement of injection machine system.The injection machine which more than 80% are using in currently that work with gas assisted injection system after be reconstructed.There are no special requirements for plastic resin, the general thermoplastics and engineering plastics are applied to gas-assisted injection.
As the gas-assisted injection molding technology has so many superiority in many aspects, and it's widely applied, there aren't special requestment of equipment and material. therefore,this technology will be applied in plastic injection industry are getting wider and wider.

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