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PP characteristics

Lightest specific gravity among all plastics generally used
Excellent liquidity
Applied for various gates such as pinpoint gate , direct gate , special gate, etc.
No need to dry as it has little water absorption
Molding shrinkage rate changes according to mold temperature
Often used for extra large molding parts or extremely thin parts
Due to its excellent fatigue resistance, it is often used for hinges that are subject to repeated bending
Due to its large shrinkage rate, it may experience deformation if the cooling of the mold is not sufficient.
Temperature adjustment must be performed for molding that requires precise dimension.
When using the mold that may cause sink marks or holes, injection pressure should be set relatively higher.
Molding condition
Molding temperature is usually 40 - 60
Injection pressure standard is 800 - 1200kgf/ ; however, the highest pressure free of flash is appropriate.
The temperature range appropriate for molding is 200 - 300 , and it is better to set up within the higher range.

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