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World Economic Conjuncture

  When America the second loan conjuncture was coming,The whole world all worried about if it would arise the world economic conjuncture.Not so long later,The world economic conjuncture was real coming. Every country in the world all hurred to treat with it,include China.
  To deal with it effectively,YiNeng mould had implemented some actions according to company actual circs at the beginning of conjuncture.
1.Consolidate with export: example quality¡¢price¡¢delivery¡¢service¡¢and so on, To benefit eath other and pull through all right.
2.Extend vendition in country: example add salesman and charge, To extend country market.
3.Give some helps to customer who have some difficulties for a while, Assure he pull through all right.
  a. Delay money return term;
  b. Reduce production price;
  c.  Inprove service.
4. Strengthen supplier management, Establish mutual benefit relaton with key supplies.
  a. Consult with supplier to delay payment term;
  b. Reduce material price;
  c. Enhance material quality;
  d. Found cooperating development with supplier.
5. Optimize production structure: Adjust company `s production structure according to market, Produte something that market needs.
6. Strengthen company management to reduce unit cost;
  a. Implement technical improvement in company;
  b. Fetch in ERP, System manage company resources;
  c. Assess performance;
  d. Optimize process flows, Incorporate station,As to enhance efficience, reduce personnels.

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