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Business activities will be restored On August.01.2009.

¡îYiNeng Precision Mould has canceled all business activities since May 1st due to swine flu.Now We decide:YiNeng will restore to receive visitor from August 1st.but someone go on business and negotiate in foreign city still will be canceled.YiNeng advocate that customer communicate with us each other of using internet,Phone and by email,reduce swine flu corss transmission. If your mold use Chinese standard or need to prototype mold We will continued to reduce price for thank you for support of YiNeng Mould during the epidemic. when the quote  you should make a special mention your mold are belong to which kind.¡ï

YiNeng precision mould(ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd


Business activities will be canceled during the SWINE FLU epidemic

¡ñThe SWINE FLU has gone from bad to worse all over the world in recent times. Therefore, we will cancel all business activities to prevent the disease from spreading within our surroundings during this time.
¡ñSpecific items are as follows:
1. We will cancel the sending of staff outside on business during the epidemic;
2. We will cancel further meetings with visitors during this time. We receive current updates from the about the epidemic  from the local government and will share updates with our customers;
3. All the business negotiations in foreign cities will be canceled during the epidemic. In addition, all activities within our customer base will be changed to internet, phone and email forums;
4. Thanks for your continual customer support toward our company. We will reduce the product price for chinese stand MOLDs and Rapid prototype MOULDs.So please pay special note to your products are belong to which kind when you send RFQ.
¡îTake care of your health and care for life!
¡ïPlease pay attention to public health and personal hygiene!

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