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Name:Mould package
Description:We package using crate which conform to ROHS and exempted from inspection. mould...

Name:Preventing rust of mould
Description:We will spray preventing rust oil for the mould before the mould shipping. according to mould...

Name:Automobile part injection mould
Description:Custom mold standard. Using LKM moldbase and DME standard components. Mold ...

Name:Injection mold and insert
Description:Using LKM moldbase standard. DME standard components, There has a close tolerance for part assembly dimension. also the machining accuracy is very high...

Name:Two shot mould
Description:The plastic mould for the Automotive,DME standard.The first injection material is the white plastic resin,the...

Name:Small household appliance
Description:Plastic mold for small household appliance,LKM standard.With Stainless steel for cavity&core,Hardness is...

Name:Automotive mould
Description:This is a custom plastic injection mould for Automotive with DME standard. Product tolerance is very...

Name:Automobile part injection mould
Description:Injection mould for Automotive part.
This mould is based on HASCO standard and TPE plastic ...

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